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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 9, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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s 10 new rich color creme shades. it is the top of the hour on msnbc. here are the stories. we are following. the man accused of trying to blackmail david letterman agreed to a plea-bargain deal. we will bring you the details. >> you know how awkward it is to have an argument with a naked man? >> rahm emanuel. he is now -- he's -- he's now eric massa appears to be becoming something as a darling of the right. terrifying story involving a toyota presxwrus sudden burst of speed that left a motorist begging for help. and the best video of the day including the balance of the bridal store over wedding dress alterations. wait until they have to do the table assignments.
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i'm david shuster reporting live from washington. we begin with some breaking news. guilty, that's the plea from the man involved in the david letterman extortion plot. let's get to nbc news correspondent michelle franzen who joins us now from new york. >> reporter: in the last hour, robert joe halderman pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted larceny charges. stemming from last october when he demanded money from david letterman. $2 million from david letterman to make sure that he was going to give him a screen play, making sure he purchased that screen play to keep quiet about affairs that he said letterman was having with female staffers. you may remember, also, once hallder marn was arrested, letterman used his show on cbs to go public with what that extortion plot turned out to be. >> there is a letter in the
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package. it says i know that you do some terrible, terrible things. and i can prove that you do these terrible things and sure enough contained in the package was stuff to prove that i do terrible things. >> reporter: the terrible things letterman was referring to even the public and audience didn't know if he was joking at the time, letterman said yes, i have had affairs with female staffers and halderman said one of those staffers was halderman's live-in girlfriend, stephanie burkett at the time who also worked with letterman. certainly today halderman apologizing in court addressing the court saying that he's sorry, very remorseful, apologizing to letterman, burket and their families. sentencing is set for may and is expected to get six months in jail followed by 4 1/2 years probation and 1,000 hours of community service. >> nbc news correspondent michelle franzen.
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thanks for the update. news on another plea deal this hour. this one from the man who is responsible for the security breach at newark airport. he will pay a $500 fine and perform 100 hours of community service. the stun from china said he was deeply sorry for entering a restricted area to say good-bye to his girlfriend. a move that shut down the airport for several hours back in january. there's a heavy police presence and closed streets in the nation's capital this hour. hundreds of people in favor of health care reform are gathered outside of the ritz-carlton hotel in washington to protest the for-profit insurance sxoes legislative gridlock that's kept the reform bill from getting passed. former dnc chairman howard dean said they deserve a vote and blameded the insurance companies for the problem. the activist space they will continue on blockade the hotel where an association of insurance company executives are meeting. so far there have been no arrests. advocates for health care reform today have a new incentive to get the measure
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approved and signed into law. rush limbaugh says if health care reform passes, he will leave the country. >> trying to say that i have adopted this die and he's one of our great -- no, no, no, we were hoping to keep him in the house because he is a no vote. he's a kook. freak. >> that was rush limbaugh said that if, in fact, this passes, the five years after that, he's going to move to costa rica. hey, rush, in costa rica, they have nationalized health care. a full-scale battle is erupting between the conservative media led by glenn beck and democratic leadership in congress. today beck is appearing to embrace former democratic congressman eric massa. massa claims he was forced to resign from congress because of his opposition to health care and not because of sexual harassment claims. earlier today, house democratic leader steny hoyer said massa is a liar.
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hoyer said, quote, absolutely untrue. there was any relationship between actions in the health care bill, period. is anybody confused? do i need to clarify that? massa has been burning a lot of bridges over the past few days. this weekend he made a wild claim about rahm emanuel costing him accosting him in the gymnasium. >> here comes rahm emanuel, not even a towel wrapped around him and yelling at me because i was not going to vote for the president's budget. do you know how awkward it is to have an argument with a naked man? >> this plomted a response by robert gibbs. >> the thing to do with this series of events that had caused him to not seek re-election and ultimately leave the house, the notion that somehow we were involved in that, i think, is, as i said this morning, silly
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and ridiculous. >> sources on capitol hill say that current harassment claim against massa are just the tip of the iceberg. that makes the apparent right-wing embrace of massa even more jarring. mark whitaker is nbc news washington bureau chief and, mark, to be fair we don't know exactly what glenn beck is going to ask massa. but glenn beck has been promoting this. is it smart? >> well, we will see what he does with it. yesterday the right was rushing to embrace massa because of his criticism to the white house. but today some conservatives seem to be thinking better of it. rush himself as you saw from that clip saying maybe we shouldn't be so quick to embrace this guy and michelle, conservative columnist, called him a weapon of massa destruction. so it will be interesting to see whether beck just focuses on the war with the white house or whether he also grills massa on his left-wing political views and the personal ethics charges as well. >> the right, though, loves to try to sort of reinforce this sort of theory that democrats
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are forcing their members to march in lock step on health care or else. how much traction is that claim getting out there? >> well, there is a little bit of a problem with the facts and with the timeline. which is that massa was a no vote on health care first time it went up before the house. so -- was not expected to vote for it again. ask right now, it looks like although he is resigning, governor paterson in new york is not going to call for a special election, at least very quickly to fill the seat. even if he did, it would be 30 days. so the idea that somehow the white house would force him out, in order to improve their odds of getting the bill to the house just does not make any zblens putting massa aside, how much pressure is the house democratic leadership putting on their members to try to get this ready? >> look, it is all on the line new. it is on the line for the white house, for president obama, and for the democrats in the congress to show that they can govern and nancy pelosi,
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clyburn, whipping very hard goat those votes. >> nbc news washington bureau chief mark whitaker, thanks as always. good to see you. we will have much more on congressman massa's resignation and what his future plans may be and whether it is good politics on the schuster showdown. coming up later this hour. vice president joe biden vus itted the palestinian territories today. highest level trip to the territories by any obama administration official so far. in an msnbc exclusive biden told chris matthews this is a moment of opportunity for peace with israel. biden also expressed concerns. biden expressed concerns about iran possibly acquiring nuclear weapons and using them against israel. . >> we will do everything to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon, having the ability to use a nuclear weapon. there is a lot of play here, lot going on. a lot going internally with iraq and time frame in which they could -- acquire that. what action we can take to slow
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it or prevent it. all of that is in play. that's why we think the best course of action to take now is to declare a we are not going to allow them to acquire nuclear weapon. b, to continue down the course we are on ask which is to get international sanctions that have teeth in and it cause them to change their mind. >> you can watch chris' exclusive interview with vice president biden and video of biden in the perts. tonight on "hardball" at 5:00 p.m. eastern. high-profile conservative senator repeatedly voted against gay rights admits he himself is gay. roy ashburn made the acknowledgement in the wake of drunk driving charges filed against him after he was stopped by police after leaving a popular gay nightclub in sacramento. the paper spoke about his true sexual orientation on a talk radio show. >> i am gay. and so i -- those are the words
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that have been so difficult for me for so long. >> officials of the california republican party have refused to comb on ashburn's announcement. time now for a look at the other stories making headlines across the usa. today marks historic milestone for gay couples in washington, d.c. same-sex couples can now legally get married in the city and many took advantage of that today. in ohio one person remains in critical condition and another is stable after a shooting on the campus of the ohio state university in columbus. and it happened at a maintenance building. gunman in police custody. none of them involved were students at the school. a new york city of financial deal to help famed photographer annie liebowicz has been reached. she entered an agreement with a private investment firm to help manage her debt and market her portfolio of celebrity images. leibovitz won an extension last year to pay a $24 million loan
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to the manhattan firm art capital group. up next, fright yeping story about a toyota speeding out of control and a driver that couldn't do anything about it. now federal investigators are getting involved. millions of americans are out of work. so where is best place to look for a job? [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm.
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i apologized to mr. letterman, his family, stephanie, her family. my friends ask family. i will be not doing any interviews. i thank you all for your patient zblens that was robert halderman, former cbs news producer that pleaded guilty to trying to extort money from david letterman over the sexual
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affair. halderman is being sentenced to six months in jail, 4 1/2 years probation, a thousand hours of community service. i was trying to brake. i was on the brakes healthy. it wasn't stopping. wasn't doing anything. kept speeding up. kept going. >> federal investigation is under way following a terrifying incident yesterday in california that is catching the attention of drivers that own a toyota prius. prius hurdles down the highway at 94 miles per hour. whizzing in and out of traffic at 90 miles per hour. he called 911. highway patrolman and used his cruiser to help stop the car. nbc's janet shamlian joins us with more. >> reporter: toyota say they will recall this model. they have not issued the recall yet because they have not developed a remedy yet. but they are calling it a recall due to preventing floor mats
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from sticking down the accelerator pedal. federal investigators are headed to the scene to take a look at the vehicle and try to determine exactly what happened. as you indicated, 35 miles along the winding stretch of interstate 8 yesterday. this driver, james sipes, tried to control his car. he called 911. and had the help of a california highway patrol officer. here is what the officer and the driver had to say about what happened next. >> when i was getting up to the car, when i saw him, i could smell the brakes. i saw his brake lights coming on. my next video was okay, get upside, use my public address system and try to talk to him. >> got up on the side and told me what to do. i was standing on the pedal, standing on the brake pedal looking out the window at him. and the -- he said push the -- push the emergency brake, too. laid on both of them. >> i could tell he was physically trying to brake and the vehicle was slowing down. and then i noticed that it would
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accelerate again. we were up to 90 miles per hour. >> together they were able to bring this to a safe resolution. but now prius owners across the country are asking whether their vehicles are safe and, again, recall is going to expand object previous recalls from 2004 to 2009. again, toyota has not released the details because they don't have a remedy yet for this. as we said federal investigators headed to the san diego area to take a look at this car as are officials from toyota. >> just to be clear the police officer actually had to put his car in front and slow down essentially use the back of his bumper to slow down the prius. is that how they eventually stopped this? >> reporter: he did. in addition, the driver of the vehicle was able to push down the brake and also use the emergency brake at the same time. that is something he hadn't tried before. and over the loudspeaker, the patrol officer told the driver to do both at the same time. in addition, to using the chp car, and adding to that they were also going up and an
3:18 pm
incline which helped slow the vehicle down at that point. >> janet, thanks for the report. with all of the toyota troubles the brand name has become the butt of mcjokes and may have missed this at the oscars saturday night. even host steve martin and alec baldwin couldn't help but throw in a joke at toyota's expense. >> james cameron used to be married to the director of another nominated film, "the hurt locker," kathryn bigelow. >> she was so pleased to be nominated with him, she sent him a beautiful gift basket with a timer. >> oh. and he reciprocated by sending her a toyota. >> by the way, our family has a toyota prius and so far, so good. in the midst of the health care debate in washington, there are thousands of lobbyists and activists trying to get the attention of lawmakers. one of the most unique and
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compelling advocates is a 10-year-old boy named marcel its owens. his mother tiffany died because she did not have insurance and couldn't afford treatment. so now marcelis is telling his mother's story to members of congress one at a time. i spoke with earlier today and asked him what he thought lawmakers thought what he had to say. >> half of them encourage me. but some don't -- don't make -- hearing what i say. they say that it is inspiring that i can do that. i can go up in front of thousands of people and tell my mother's story. but what i want is not what they want. >> he is talking about health care reform. president bush's top adviser is out with a new book. he is defending his former boss and talking about weapons of
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mass destruction. as karl rove also trying to rewrite history? wald weather caught on camera in the midwest. part of the fastest three minutes of news coming up. ♪ we love getting our outback dirty. because it seems like the dirtier it gets, the more it shines. the subaru outback®. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year®. hurry in to the subaru love spring event for great deals on all models. now through march 31st.
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breaking news involving eric massa. coming to us from "the washington post." papers reporting massa, who just resigned his congressional seat, has been under investigation for allegations that he groped multiple male staffers working in his office. the paper says the allegations surrounding the former lawmaker dated back a year and half and a pattern of behavior and physical harassment. the new claims contradict statements by mass zs a oar the last couple of days say the allegations were limited to salty language with his staff.
3:24 pm
again, this could be trouble for the right-wing media which embraced massa. now karl rove. >> you can go back and try to rewrite history. at that moment we are faced with the belief he had wmd, a threat to the region and after 9/11, the calculus change. >> controversy continues to fall with the former adviser karl rove. "courage and consequence." rove defends the push president and i says the administration did not lie during the run-up to the war with rye iraq. prompted fact checkers to proclaim the rove book belongs in the fiction section. joining us now, matt latimer. thanks for joining us. let's play another clip about rove in terms of the context of what he say when he talks about bush not lying. watch. >> i devoted an entire chapter showing bush did not lie about iraq. in fact, i quote democrats that
3:25 pm
were 110 democrats that voted for the iraq war resolution, 67 of those democrats, including john cary, john edwards, hillary clinton, on the floor of the congress said iraq had weapons of mass destruction. >> the problem with that, as you know, it does not matter what the democrats on the floor of congress thought. the question was did bush lie in the run-up to iraq. the evidence overwhelming is he misled the intelligence. >> well, i personally think think president bush believed what's going on in iraq or i don't think that other people, other officialeither. the problem i have with karl rove is you know, he -- led the republican party to such a disaster the last few years at his time of the white house that we are still trying to recover from it. >> he does seem to have a credibility problem. when he says bush did not lie about iraq, what president bush said. intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the iraq regime continues to possess and conceal most lethal weapons ever devised.
3:26 pm
dick cheney, august 2002. simply stated, no doubt that saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction. no doubt that he's amassing them to use against our friends, allies and against us. bush and cheney knew that there was doubts. for karl rove to say that they never lied is just flat-out wrong. >> well, again, president clinton said the same thing in 1998 before that about iraq. >> he didn't take the nation to war. that's the difference. >> president clinton did bomb iraq and did talk about removing saddam hussein's regime from power. there's a lot of intelligence, foreign officials thought the same thing about eye rik. >> but it does not matter. we are talking about george w. bush. karl rove is writing the book about his boss, president bush. when he says he did not lie about iraq, karl rove is wrong. simple. >> well, karl rove is wrong but dash wrong about a lot of things. i don't believe president bush lied any more than president clinton lied lied when he said that about iraq. >> differences is the consequences were a lot different.
3:27 pm
what's karl rove doing? what's he trying to reframe, is he trying to fix things, trying to fix his reputation, president's reputation? what is he doing? >> trying help the president's reputation and trying to establish himself as the political genius, guru, savior of the republican party. find his title funny. most people would not call themselves, title of their book, courageous and consequential, hero to the conservative movement which is what apparently he calls his book. i think he's trug to rewrite a lot of history in terms of his own records and terms of the republican party. anybody that's a republican would have seen we lost the house. we lost the white house in 2008. and if republicans are upset about president obama and speaker pelosi and karl rove is the one that's blamed for a lot of that. >> matt, good of you to join us today. you are a brave man. we appreciate your coming in. it is the most outrageous story of the day. female driver cause as car accident while she was shaving. it is what she was trying to shave and steering that has a lot of people talking. times are tough but there
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the bar code for the coupon can then be scanned at checkout. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. david, back to you. it is time for the fastest three minutes of news. we go down to the wire. on auction, ebay, evidence that brought down former baltimore mayor dixon. prosecutors are selling the x-box they say dixon purchased with gift cards intended for the poor. bidding on the x-box, highest bid so far is $405. we have more proof wedding plan sing not for the feint of heart. check out the brawl inside of a bridal shop in detroit. police say it began with a bride-to-be got into an argument with the shop owner over wedding dress alterations and soon several men joined her and the argument and they got violent. three men facing assault charges for the fight and so instead of wearing fancy suits that special day, members of the bridal party may end up wearing prison orange. oops. in oklahoma, take a look at this amazing video of a tornado touching down.
3:33 pm
shot by storm chase wers a company called severe studio. the footage shows yesterday's twister tearing through the town of hannon. no reports of injuries. if you are a victimized by investment swindler madoff, keep a skeptical eye on websites claiming they want to help you. a website for the so-called international securities investor protection corporations promising to get money for madoff victims. this site is a sham. do not give them your credit cards or banking information. the tip-off came from a legitimate agency created by congress called sipc. it does not have the word international. this group is warning everybody about bogus knockoff sites. key west, florida, a woman apparently caused a two -- car crash because she was trying to drive and shave at the same time. she was trying to shave her bikini line. police say megan barnes was in the driver's seat. her ex-husband was in the passenger side and he took over
3:34 pm
shaving because she was shaving. why was she focused on scheaing down there? she was headed for date with another man. unclear why the ex-husband was enabling her grooming effort for another man's effort. she says she wanted to be ready. somebody was injured in the wreck. not physically. another television commercial is getting attention thanks to a lawsuit. note the logo adorned basketball. used as a prop. louis vuitton filed suit last week claiming the logos of the ball match up too closely to its handbag logo. does it really break trademark laws? that will be up to a judge. forget hd television is going 3-d. sony unveiled the new line of 3-d el televisions in tokyo today. it will go on jail in japan in june with a global release in the months to follow. tv with glasses will sell for up to $6400. no broadcast networks in the united states announced plans for a 3-d conversion. a dpan born at the nation school in washington, d.c., shipped to china emerged today
3:35 pm
in front of an adorning chinese public. the baby panda just got out of quarantine. mei lahn has not yet made her debut. that brings us down to the wire. almost on time. now we con our weeklong series "get to work, america." today it is all about small business. state of the union address. president obama proposed a lot of help for small businesses. >> i'm proposing we take $30 billion of the money wall street bank have repaid and use it to help community banks give small business tess credit they need to stay afloat. i'm also proposing the new small business tax credit. one that will go to over 1 million small business that's hired new workers or raise wages. let's also eliminate all capital gains tax owes small business investment. >> where do those proposals stand today?
3:36 pm
have banks started to lend to the small business that's need the cash? michael mckean, ceo of the nolan group, his company makes products designed to help hotels, conferences in other events. done so by getting more credit from the bank. giovanni cartolla. michael, i want to start with you. your company has done really well. 2009 total revenue $3.7 million. 38 employees at the end of 2009. now you have 48. that's 26% head count. explain how did you -- why did street bank decide to give you this -- extra line of credit? what's your advice to fellow small business owners. >> absolutely. that's a great question. one quick thing. number is a little off. 6.2 last year. >> okay. >> we grew a little more. you know, i'm not 100% sure. i think the banks just decided, you know the credit was loosening up. we tried to get this loan for a good two years. there's no real reason we shouldn't have got it. fast growing company and we -- we grew our monthly revenues
3:37 pm
over sixfold. since 2007. and eventually, you know, we talked to every bank and finally it was a regional bank and they just said they would do it. we asked them and they just said that things are improving for them. >> giovanni, which small sectors are doing the most hiring at this point? >> job growth and education and health care services. bus and professional services such as software, high-tech, green tech, and energy. small uptick in manufacturing. obviously the it depends on what sector you are in and geographically it can change, too. >> michael, since you are in the process of hiring more people, so many people out there looking for a job, what's your advice on to somebody that may come to a small business owner like yourself and wants a job? what skill sets are you looking for? >> we are looking for good people. and to be honest with you, one of those things that because there's still pain in the economy, we have been able to hire pretty good people. very good people that i think
3:38 pm
in -- a better economy we wouldn't have been able to get. because we are a small business. we are not -- we are not these big huge companies. but, you know, just keep trying. i would say keep trying. >> what's the strategy for a small business to keep growing right now? >> that's tough one. you know, add client value. you know, it is ball the client. and help your client, you know, innovate. >> as well we did. >> giovanni, the obama administration and congress, they are -- on the verge of passing the $15 billion job bill. how do you see that impacting the small business sector? >> well, you know, just nibbling at the edges. certainly there's an overall theme that's going through as far as capital hill. small businesses don't know what their energy costs are going to be next year. they don't know what their taxes are going to be next year. small banks have stopped lending to small businesses. customers stopped buying from small businesses. it has been providely the roughest two years for a small business owner since world war
3:39 pm
ii. >> michael, that -- those unknowns, does that affect you now? >> well, of course. i would say -- you know, what i have seen, and i have a lot of friends that are entrepreneur, i think things are getting better. i do. i have seen it from a number of people. and, you know, are we out of the woods yet? i don't know. i think we are close. >> michael, congratulations to you on your success. much continued success, of course. we appreciate your coming on. thanks to giovanni. thank you both. interesting. tomorrow at this hour, our series "get to work america" continues with real-world advice and serious tips on how to get the job you want by hitting it out of the park during the interview. you don't want to miss that tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern time only here on msnbc. our top three today, the best jobs in america. ranked by based on criteria that includes stress, working environment, physical demands and, of course,
3:40 pm
income. number three to list, computer systems analyst. helping companies with the technology needs. median income for this job is $70,000 a year. we stay with computers for number two best job in america. software engineer. designing, developing, testing software and systems. income, $08,000 a year. the best job in america accord to, act wary. people that get paid to evaluate the balance between risk and reward for companies. the median income for act waries is $80,000. considered the best jobs in america. disgraced new york democrat eric massa is turning into a new hero for republicans. what does that say about the gop? especially with the latest developments about his allegations against him? budget cries sis so bad in one missouri city half the schools may be forced to close their
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breaking news involving a terrorist in pennsylvania. apparently a woman was trying to recruit people over the internet to conduct terror. pete williams joins us live with the latest. >> this is a very surprising and extremely unusual case. unusual, first of all, because it involves a woman. but secondly, just the facts here are quite surprising. here is what the federal prosecutors say. first of all, woman's name colleen lerose and called herself jihad jane. the fbi says indown of 2008, she posted something on youtube basically saying she was desperate to help suffering muslims. and that six months later, she began to get responses from people that the government says that were terrorists overseas saying, hey, you know, we are -- we are willing to help you commit violent jihad. would you be willing to engage
3:45 pm
in martyr dom operations, she said yes. she heard from others. she eventually in august of -- 2009, went to europe and joined up with some of these groups and the governor says she was assigned to track and kill someone in sweden to do so in a way that would you a tract attention and cause fear among non-believers is what the government says. she tracked this person on the internet, they say, but while she was in europe, they say that she also contacted other people and continued to see if she could acquire or put together a little group of people who would be willing to engage in violent jihad. ultimately, they say, she came back to the united states and unsatisfied that this group was really serious enough to actually do something. it turns out, david, she was arrested last fall, october of 2009, and the government has been investigating the cause and looking to see whether others are involved, either phonily here in the u.s. or especially overseas. but it is a very unusual case to
3:46 pm
have a terrorism prosecution against a woman. they say part of her attraction to these groups was her appearance. she was blond and green-eyed and bragged to them that she could easily blend in european settings. >> nbc news justice correspondent pea williams. pete, thanks for the report. it is now time for the "schuster showdown." >> punk. >> classic scene from the movie "skrips." that mau be a good metaphor for the latest over eric massa. "the washington post" is reporting the investigation of former new york congressman eric massa involves multiple allegations of inappropriate contact with male staffers. so how will that impact massa's role as the new darling of the right? democratic strategist, former communications director for the
3:47 pm
dnc. republican strategist john theory. john, there's glenn beck with eric massa as his prize guest today at the very same time we find out that the allegations that prommed him to resign are just the tip of the iceberg. this doesn't seem to be playing well for the conservative media. >> you know, you know, david, i think that charlie rangel and eric massa, david paterson, rod blagojevich, are doing a brand-new celebrity "survivor" show. they really -- you know -- >> only one is going on glenn beck. >> massa used to be a republican. i told john he could have him back. >> we don't want him back. >> he is all yours. >> perfect symptom of -- democratic dysfunction. i think that -- glenn beck and rush limbaugh, you know, this is good tv, i guess. i wish we had better governance from the and get to tissues that matter. >> doesn't this suggest that we are in this environment where fast-moving environment, such a rush. if you can find anybody willing to come up with crazy conspiracy story about a political enemy of
3:48 pm
yours, no matter what's in their -- you don't have time to check, don't bother checking, go ahead and promote them and put them on the air. >> some folks on the right wanted to jump on a democrat willing to attack democrats. i think at the end of the day let's remember that this is actually a very sad story. i mean, clearly congressman massa has lot of personal issues he will need to deal with from what i heard, there's more to the story and i think as "the post" is reporting that's the real reason he made the decision to step down and has absolutely nothing to do with health care. i would say that the system that speaker pelosi put in place was working. because we know that, you know, there was an ethics investigation ongoing with regard to these allegations. >> i don't know if it was necessarily working but john, you get the last word. how much longer will we heara? >> i think he fades in a couple of weeks after good cable network bashing his own life, finding out -- i would say this. he might be crazy but sometimes
3:49 pm
crazy people are right on their conspiracy theories. who knows, the timing on this was very strange. >> come on, john. >> you know -- i don't know the answer. all i know is that -- i see what i see. >> he's not right on this particular conspiracy theory. >> i think this one is -- >> thank you both so much. appreciate it. sorry. we have to cut it short. obviously several complaints from viewers about a discussion i had yesterday about the nrcc's description of charlie rangel as a corrupt harlem democrat. is that criticism of me fair? it is not. i will explain in today's "notebook." david letter marn's producer trying shake down the latest host. [ female announcer ] the latest athletic fabrics
3:50 pm
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here's a look at today's top stories. a former cbs producer made a plea deal and will spend six
3:53 pm
months in jail, 4 1/2 years of probation and perform 1,000 hours of community service. a driver was speeding for about 20 minutes before a california highway officer managed to slow the car enough to turn the car off. budget problems are leading to a plan to shut down half of the kansas city schools. they will vote whether to shut 29 out of 61 public schools to eliminate a projected $50 million budget gap. the superintendent of kansas city schools joins us live. john, explain why this is necessary to the parents who are watching out there. >> thanks a lot. as you just said, we are facing in kansas city a $50 million deficit next year. we've actually spread ourselves far too thin, over 61 schools, which is far more than we need. as a result of that, we have compromised our ability to adequately educate the children that we serve. >> but what about the argument that as it stands, kansas city
3:54 pm
schools are spending about $15,000 per student. the national average is $9,600 per student. there are ways to save money essentially without having to close schools. >> well, right now, when you look at the $15,000 per child that we are spending, that really includes the total amount of revenue that a school district receives. so that's both state and federal funds. and the federal dollars that we receive basically come to us earmarked. and we can't use those for general operate expenses. >> finally, how many teachers' jobs are going to be lost as a result of this plan? >> as a result of the right size of the district, we anticipate a reduction in our employee pool of about 700 employees. 285 of whom will be teachers. >> john, i know difficult decisions that a lot of people
3:55 pm
are facing out there. we appreciate you coming on and explaining what you're doing in caps as city. thank you. >> listen. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. finally, i've received several complaints about a segment i did yesterday that touched on new york democrat charlie rangel. during the segment i reported on a press release by the national republican congressional committee, or nrcc, describing rangel twice as "a corrupt harlem democrat." i pointed out the nrcc did not call him a corrupt new york democrat, but a corrupt harlem democrat. i asked a guest if this was racially tinged. how dare you say this was racist. first of all, i didn't say the nrcc or the press release was racist. i asked a guest if it was racially tinged. secondly, note the difference between the nrcc's treatment of rangel and their approach towards other democrats. an nrcc press release criticized
3:56 pm
earl pomroy, a north dakota democrat, not a bismarck democrat. a press release criticizing michael mcmann calling him a new york democrat, not a staten island democrat. rangel gets called a corrupt harlem democrat. i stand by my reporting on this and i stand by my questioning whether the press release by the national republican congressional committee was racially tinged. i've asked officials at the nrcc to come on the show and respond. so far, they've refused. i'll keep you posted. thanks for watching today. i'm david shuster. dylan ratigan will be joined by steny hoyer, and chris matthews has an exclusive interview with vice president biden in israel. that's tonight at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. [ female announcer ] introducing carefree® ultra protection™ liners.
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